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We are working to address the student Mental Health resource and access crisis plaguing universities

Student mental health issues continue to impact students in course learning and campus engagement. Responding to Former President Obama's call to launch a national conversation to increase the understanding and awareness about mental health, Griffin Ambitions Ltd. launched a division committed to integrating research of the American Council on Education (ACE) and the American Psychological Association (APA) — creating change while reviewing current trends in college student mental health and highlighting promising practices that contribute to student well-being.

We want students to learn and grow during college. Parents, employers, and the public expect that college graduates will have acquired knowledge and certain qualities, skills, and abilities, including cognitive, career, and practical competencies. They will demonstrate competency in critical thinking, communication, teamwork, resiliency, and problem solving. They will be committed to personal and social responsibility, intercultural competency, and civic engagement, and possess the ability to apply learning across multiple fields and in many dimensions (Association of American Colleges and Universities 2007). A graduate who has developed those qualities is ready for success in life and work. The kind of learning that helps students achieve those outcomes is not just memorization, and it takes more than simply sitting in class or cramming for tests at the last minute. True higher learning demands a lot of students—it demands real and sustained engagement with learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. To take full advantage of the opportunity of higher education, students have to do far more than just show up. Given what it takes to be successful in higher education—and later, in life and work—students have to be ready to learn—in a state of physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being. Mind, brain, and body must be in shape for and open to learning experiences. How prepared students are for learning determines how much and how well they learn, and influences persistence, retention, and graduation. We want every student who starts college to graduate, and every graduate to experience all that higher education can offer—so we must pay attention to students’ well-being.

Focusing on Mental Health, Supporting Student Learning

Advocates at your disposal

Administration Liaison

We can play devils advocate between you and your student affairs department or administration to help increase understand of the need for more staffing, funding, and attention in areas identified.

Data Centered

We study industry reports and scholarly articles to ensure we provide the most thought-provoking and responsive information when approaching campus stakeholders.


As a 501c(3) charity under the Griffin Ambitions network; we work with constituents, share data, and consult as appropriate completely free.

Policy Change Makers

If you are or were employed by or affiliated with an institution but have a conflict or want to make something known, we will listen and take a proactive approach; over the brush it under the rug responses most unversities have due to budgeting constraints. Your input and identity can even be kept confidential if desired, in accordance to our ethics and applicable law.

Since the influx in demand around student counseling services began around 2014, we have established ourselves as the preeminent voice on student mental health systems of care; Promoting standards for student affairs, student services, and student development programs in higher education institutions counseling and psychological services within colleges and universities.

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